12/25/16 Well, Long story short I have had an interruption in my build due to divorce. The build was not the catalyst that ended the relationship but boy did it slow me down in the build. Sold the house and moved the project down to a hanger at the Ogden airport (actually we have 3 cozies in the hanger, Rick Irwin, My brothers and mine...pretty cool). Bought another house, fixed it up to the point where I could live in it and now im back on the project again. two years since the last update. In the meantime comcast decided to stop offering web page hosting for its customers so I had to move this to a free site.

Another rather large change, the primary support for rotary engines decided to retire, and without that support I decided to change engines to an IO-540b4c5 recommended by Dave Ronnenburg. actually went ahead and bought one with some of the money from the house. Was going to use Beagle to find one but my brother was a good resource for finding it. He pointed me to Wentworth aircraft and I was able to find a low time engine for a good deal. 

STRAKES. Finally started on the strakes. Switched it up to EZ-Poxy for the fuel tanks, consensus is it is the best for fuel resistance. Used the cozy girrrls diagram to lay out the ribs on 2 sheets of foam. Its taken me a bit to wrap my head around the order of assembling these things. Built a heat tent so i could cure things while its cold as hell here, my brother thought my tent looked a bit wonky so he hung a sign on it that says "Lemonade 25 cents" im ok with that. it works....

Im going to assemble the ribs over several days, putting them all on at once looked like a house of cards... Lined up the waterlines on the leading edge and floxed into place.