4/4/2019 While waiting on other things in the background I decided to tackle interior lighting. I built an overhead light into the canopy but after installing it I decided it did not give off enough light for the interior of my plane. After much consideration I chose to go with LED rope lighting i found on ebay. It runs on 12vdc and installs barely noticable on the bottom of the longerons and under the lip of the control panel overhang. Plus it is dimmable so I can control how lit the interior of the plane is.
After having a conversation with my brother about engine vibration and how the tabs on oil coolers can snap off I redesigned my oil cooler bracket to be a bit beefier to minimize that risk.
remember the plane is upside down here, this is my fuel line coming through the firewall through the electric pump, gasolator and ready to go to the mechanical fuel pump on the engine on installation.
The oil lines were interesting. Since I went with an oil cooler and blower for cabin heat and a remote oil filter setup I needed a few more oil lines than most. So the oil comes out the engine, to the oil filter, out to the main oil cooler then to the cabin heat oil cooler before returning to the engine.

This last weekend I was able to work with my welder to finish off my exhaust. He did amazing welds to put this beast together for me. It's actually 3 pieces on either side, they all fit together to go on the engine in a way to reduce the chance of cracks. I still have to make a bracket from the engine out to near the end of the pipe but that should be easy.

I chose this path because of conversations I had with people far more knowledgable than I. Burrall Sanders (freeflight composites) told me the farther out and forward the exhaust is the better it will be to minimize the effect of the exhaust on the propeller. Mine comes out a good 2 feet in front of the arc of the propeller. No black marks on my propeller!

Now that the exhaust is in and the oil cooler is in place its time for lower cowling! Having learned from all that wasted pour foam on my top half I made a form out of cardboard to save a lot of work. also using a few leftover pieces of sandable foam to make the mold. My exhaust system choice means my cowling wont be as sleek as my brothers, but im ok with that. I think I will be fast enough with the 540 that I am comfortable with it.