Engine Installation
3/24/19 Lots of updates to do... i will try to do this in several spurts as i attempt to update this website more regularly. The simple status is I am working on Cowlings. However since nothing is as simple as it seems there is a lot of little stuff that I need to accomplish to be ready for cowlings.
First I mounted the engine on the plane and made the upper cowlings. I tried to use a plastic tarp and pour foam.... damn did i use a lot of pour foam. when I do the bottom cowl I will use cardboard to make a form so i dont waste so much pour foam.
I decided to use Carbon Fiber for my cowling to save weight since Im using an IO-540. The top cowling went well as you can see, going for a type of boat tail as well for aerodynamic purposes.
Since Im building alone I dont have a ton of pictures with me in them, so here's one of me after we flipped my plane over to do the lower cowling. I am going to do all the finish work on the bottom of the plane so hopefully I never have to flip it again...
Using a 540 and having widened my fuselage by 4 inches means my cowls have to be made by me... nothing else will work, I raised my plane upside down up to about 5 feet off the ground and attached the wings upside down (had to go that high to accomodate the winglets) so much stress... if anything slips a lot of damage will happen so i was very careful to make sure everything was stable.
before I can fabricate the lower cowling certain things have to be done, my exhaust system has to be fabricated.I routed the exhaust forward and am going to bring it out of the cowling out near the wing root. This brings it out away from the propeller and forward about 2 feet from the leading edge of the prop. Hopefully this alleviates the black marks that seem to plague everyones propellers on this type of airplane.