11/08/2014 It's been a signifigant time since my last update. No, I haven't stopped working on my plane. I did however have a hard drive crash. Fortunately for me the website had been backed up on another drive, so my loss of data was minimal.
Lately I have been working on a couple of things. First, I have been mapping out my control panel, and trying to figure out where everything is going. Unless something changes I am going to have my control panel be pretty minimal. I'm going with several basic steam gauges. Altimeter,  Speedometer, and VSI indicator ( this one mainly because I used it a lot in flight training to maintain altitude and it's easier for me to use in this than the altimeter which can lag your controls signifigantly.) There is a portion of the control panel that will be a bit difficult to reach for me in flight, and this is where I will put the engine monitor, etc.... stuff that doesn't require me to touch it much in flight. As far as my directional gauges go, it's all going to be read thru the ipad and my 496 garmin. These make the others redundant