Strakes, Fuel & Baggage

12/25/16 It is said that at one time Burt was asked "how long does it take to build one of these airplanes?" to which he replied, "one and a half wives." While he may have been jesting he seems to be pretty damned accurate. I recently got divorced and it caused an interruption in my build of about a year and a half. Sold my house, moved my project down into a hanger at the ogden airport. (Actually have 3 cozies in the hanger... mine, my brothers, and Rick Irwin's, pretty cool!) Bought another house, fixed it up to where I could live in it and now im back on the project again. Two years since the last update. In the meantime Comcast decided to stop hosting websites for their customers so I had to move to a free site.

Another rather large change, the primary support for the rotary engine on an aircraft went and retired... without that support I changed my mind to an io-540b4c5 recommended by Dave Ronnenburg. Since I had just sold a house I went ahead and found an engine and bought it.

SSSTTTRRRRAAAAKKKKEEEEESSSS...... Finally started on the strakes. Switched it up to EZPoxy for the fuel tanks, consensus is it is the best for fuel resistance. Used the cozy girrrls diagram to lay out the ribs on 2 sheets of foam. It's taken me a bit to wrap my head around the order of assembling these things. Built a heat tent so I can build while it's cold as hell here.

Assembling the ribs. spaced it out over a few days... seemed like tempting fate to do it all at once... everything went smoothly.