Control System
I jumped ahead and did chapters 16 and 24 together. (at least parts of it)
These I did per plans except for the size of the holes. Like most builders I have met I was not happy with the phenolic solution for the mounts, so I found a bin of flanged ball bearings at my local military surplus store and decided to use them. I roughed up the outside with sandpaper, floxed them into the pivot mounts and covered the outer edges with 2 layers of BID.
 I used Rick Maddy's diagram on his web site to help map out where all of the parts would go. I had to modify one part, that was to move the U-joint back 2 inches so it did not end up in the seat back. (remember I moved my seat back 2 inches)
I did install flox parts of some larger tubing underneath the electrical conduit so I would not have to run brake lines and control cables with the electrical. you can see the lines in the pictures below.