Nose, Nose Gear & Brakes
There's my nose puck finally in position. I used Wayne Hick's method for the layered aproach. First a flox pad for it to sit on, then a puck of aluminum and on top of that a puck made out of cutting board material. I figure if I ever do a gear up landing this should minimize the damage to my nose. plus I made it as aerodynamic as I could. 14 degree wedge, drag should be minimal.
Decided while I am waiting for the parts for my spar order to arrive I would finish up some loose ends. I downloaded the J hinges from the cozy girrrls and cut them out of 1/8 inch 5052 aluminum with some an3 bolts on small L brakets for the door hinges. Doing this big and small for the small front door too. had to alter them a bit but not too much. When I finally meet the girrrls at a fly in I should offer them dinner or something in gratitude for all they do. I don't know how we would build these without them
As you can see I am going to finish off my nose and call chapter 13 done before I start chapter 14. Most likely i will also mount my canard so Everything previous to the spar is done before I start it. When I printed off the hinges I just used the printed size for the smaller one and put the printer on enlarge to 150% for the larger ones. They should be plenty strong, and by installing everything now I can just epoxy the final product to the fuselage and have it all done.
Have been trying to finish off some of the smaller projects that have been piling up to clear some clutter. I hope you can see from the pictures. I have installed a series of spring loaded release mechanisms to control the opening/closing of my nose doors. I got a dual cable operated one from McMaster Carr for the big door and mounted the handle down by my leg. Easy to reach from outside the plane.
The nose one is a little more homemade. It's a rod with a spring on it so the rod is always tensioned to stay in the plate to keep the small door closed. the T knob is a cabinet knob I drilled out and epoxy'd to the end of the rod.
This way there are no visable screws on the outside of the plane holding the doors down. All actuated from inside the plane.
I have made my youtube debut! After finishing the basic engineering behind the FHC control system I made a video about it. Here's the link.