Canard Installation
Just admiring my torsional brace, and feeling a bit sad cause I had to rip some of it out. I did all this before I did Chapter 12 and the canard did not fit right with the brace along the front, so out it came.
The only chapter I had not started yet was mounting the canard. So while I figured out finances for the canopy I started work on it. With my Front Hinged Canopy I am doing I had to reroute the top pegs for the angle of incidence. They do not go into the longerons, but instead they are going through triple ply wood as part of the massive reinforcements I am doing to mount the canopy to.
12/17/14 Finished working on my canard cover for the time being, also did a little work to try and minimize the air leakage around the torque tubes in the elevators where they come into the fuselage. No showing screw heads on anything exterior on the nose section of the plane. Im pretty stoked about that. When I have the garage door open and people look in, there is no mistaking that it is an airplane now.