Fuselage Sides
Building the sides of the fuselage was a strictly by the numbers thing. My widening of the fuselage had no effect on them. This chapter is a good lesson in contours. Also decided at this point to standardize my weight set. In the pictures you will see I am using all kinds of stuff to hold things in place. Eventually i bought a large bag of buckshot and made several ziploc bags full of lead shot, also went to local thrift stores and found 5 and 10 pound weights from a bodybuilding set.
Winter was very tough to keep the garage warm enough for the epoxy to set. So i made a nice little assembly to keep a tarp over the work bench with a mini heater inside it. Later I found better ways to keep the garage warm (my attic had no insulation over the garage) After fixing that, the garage became much easier to heat.
Here's a little PITA that I'm dealing with... Back when I did chapter 5, I thought I knew what I wanted and was going with a fuel gauge and not doing the fuel sight glass... Damn Naive of me if I do say so. So here I am about to start Strakes and Im gouging chunks out of my sides to install Vance Atkinson's Sight glasses. Lesson learned here... even if you don't think you are going to use something down the road, follow the plans anyways. I also decided to use my own led's for the sight glass, they fit perfectly in a tube and I can mold the end of the tube so I am not blinded by the led every time i look over my shoulder.