Dustin's Cozy Project Page
Standard Cozy Mark IV parked at Kanab, UT fly-in 2011

Welcome to My builder's page. This is where I attempt to document the construction process of my Cozy Mark IV. I started this build and quickly found the community help that is available is staggering. There are literally people that are just a phone call away that are willing to help out with whatever the problem is.

So In August 2008 I took over my garage and began building my project. The beauty of this project is that I can spread out the work and expense to my own pace. I am guessing about a 10 year project total, but we'll see how that progresses. I am making several changes to the plans build that will make my cozy unique.

I have added 4" width to the fuselage. I am 6'2 weighing around 200 lbs and from what I hear that's a bit bigger than Nat designed the cozy around. I have since sat in various cozies and am very glad I have made this change, it REALLY makes a difference around the shoulders when 2 people are in the plane.

I am going with the Mazda rotary 20b engine for my bird. It's still a long way out, but this engine really seems like a perfect fit for what I want. Put that together with an IVO prop and I'm looking to get some nice performance stats out of this project.

Any other changes I am making will be documented in the various chapters as I make them. Always open to feedback if anyone wants to contact me Cozyrotary@gmail.com

Plans # 1084 (Located in Layton, Utah)
Myself at Hearst Castle's Enchanted Evening Dinner